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Life Lessons from a Zonie Girl


Can you go three more feet? Are you over the moon with soft skills? Can you leave what was once good for a chance at something better? Life Lessons from a Zonie Girl: How to Stay Sunny, Grounded and Resilient is a wisdom-packed trail guide of sorts for those looking for a foothold to boost themselves to new levels of success.

With optimism, grace, skilled storytelling and savvy shaped by Arizona's glorious and sometimes harsh environment, Stevens takes the reader through a number of scenarios, surroundings and true life examples of how resilient individuals push through challenging times to persevere with a positive outlook, solid sense of self and renewed determination.


If you are struggling with charting your path across rugged new territory, spinning in a gravely riverbed of indecision, chasing a mirage, feeling pelted by a sandstorm of adversity or afraid to make a move on a mountain of jumping cholla, grab your hiking boots, sunscreen, water bottle and snake guards and get ready for an adventure through the wildlands of your professional and personal life.


Like a basecamp along your journey, Life Lessons from a Zonie Girl will feed your spirit, reinforce your resolve, make you laugh and help illuminate your next steps. Consider Bonnie Stevens your trusted friend who has all the right gear, best snacks and seasoned experts to navigate your environment where the terrain can be heated, thorny and crawling with slithery creatures, but also grandly rewarding.


Bonnie is as comfortable on a ski slope as she is in the boardroom and she'll recommend a better trail or walk you right out of a snake pit to get you on your course for excellence, outfitted with tips and strategies to keep you cool, unscathed and powerful.

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