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The Impact of One Voice


Each of us has a unique message that only we can share. Within the pages of this book are inspirational stories that will change your life. Dive in and experience the lives of each author as they share their stories of passion, purpose, and perseverance in The Impact of One Voice.


The ability for you to make an impact with your words is already inside of you. Don't wait another minute. Just like the courageous authors featured in this book, you too can find the courage to share your story. The world is waiting for your words!

Contributing Authors: Tiffany Beall; Lorena Coello; Lori Giovannini; Cheryl Green; Miranda Kaur; Dr. Susie Mierzwick; Jennifer Marie Pelfini; Katrina Sawa; Liz Smith; Bonnie Stevens; Bethany Sunny; Bonnie Taub; Olivia Bo; Dr. Joan E. Wakeland

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